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Learning software development is not as simple as you think

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Learning software development is not as simple as you think
I am a freshman of 19 years of junior college. In July 18th, in accordance with the usual practice, the school will arrange our junior year internship. I do n’t want to go to the factory and worry about the way out after graduation. Software development training.
After being introduced by "acquaintances", I spent money in an offline training institution. In order to prove that the huge training costs spent were not wasted, I started to study early and greedy.
I go to the classroom at 7 o'clock every day to start the preview. I sit in the first row and return to the dormitory after 10 o'clock in the evening. Although time can be exchanged in return, it is not as simple as you think to reach a level where you can find a job.
At the basic stage, you can get good results by your own efforts and time, but the gap between different educational backgrounds cannot be ignored.
At first I kept the first place in each stage of the exam, and naively I thought everything would go well until I joined a class with an undergraduate training class.
Some of the questions asked by the teacher in the class are faster than me. The results of the daily previews can be answered by others casually. The top position is getting farther and farther away from me.
Others have a three-year university course foundation, and I only have three months of accumulation. No matter how solid the foundation is or the breadth of knowledge, I can't compare it. Algorithm, framework, source code reading, I often need to spend several times more energy than others to catch up.
At the end of November, the organization began to contact companies to hold job fairs, and the professional qualifications made me less than the threshold for interviews. After all, it was difficult to wait for a low-demand position, the interview was not firm and the interview was tense, in exchange for just hitting again and again.
Because I usually perform well, the teacher before my graduation asked me to do a private job. Designing a database, setting up a project, and writing a document. Although it is only a simple springboot + html, the actual combat has exposed me to problems that I could not encounter by watching videos.
For more than half a month, there were no weekends and no fixed meals. With a heart of learning, this project was completed in advance.
The teaching teacher often "bragged" about his experience in big cities that year. Under his influence, I also came up with the idea of developing in first-tier cities. I want to be exposed to larger platforms and newer technologies.
Although it was ridiculous to think back to the thoughts at the time, programming at that moment really became my interest.
In order to go to the first-tier cities for development, I would get up at 8 o'clock every day to study, check interview questions in the afternoon, and do my own projects at night.
The worst day
In the blink of an eye to the eighth day, two tickets and a suitcase, so I embarked on the road to the magic capital.
Although the schedule of a dozen interviews scheduled at home in advance has been arranged, the high prices after the landing made me have to save money. I want to find a cheap place to stay, but I am afraid that taking a break will not affect the interview.
In early 2019, it was called "Internet Winter" on Weibo. My feeling is that there are more people in each interview. The most frequent one is that more than 20 people contend for a position in the afternoon.
At first, new interviews can be made from time to time with a packaged resume. However, after a week, none of the companies I met responded, and the only comfort was that there was a roommate who shared the pain.
(Initial interview record)
One week, half a month, a month. From the beginning of the three interviews a day, to the next two or three days to get an appointment. The recruitment of six or seven hundred copies of the major recruitment networks is a smash.
Rarely invited to an interview for an interview. Although the location is very biased, I am still excited to spend two hours on the subway and buses, just for the opportunity of a written test. Going expectantly, going back dingy, again and again.
(A software delivery record)
Looking at the only money left in Carrie, I regret the previous few good companies, and the asking price was too high.
Walking on the bustling street, my heart was inexplicably sad. Lying on a narrow bed at night, I chose to compromise. The resume of the package was replaced by a freshman, and I began to deliver intern positions that have always been suspected of low wages.
A company was very impressed with me. The phone call was approved on both sides, but the job waiting for me was to implement it.
Not to mention being deceived, although most of the students in the training class are testing and implementing, but they are not willing: Why did I study so hard for so long that I give up!
After two days of choice, I chose to flee when personnel asked me to sign an internship agreement.
On March 28, my mother's birthday. After talking on the phone, I was about to leave this breathless city. However, that afternoon, I unexpectedly received an interview invitation from a company that was delivered more than half a month ago.
At that time, I was not willing to return to my hometown in such a bleak manner, thinking that as long as I let me do the development salary, you would never bargain. After despair, I seemed relieved, and I was not so nervous during the interview. After six rounds of interviews in two days, I was accepted as the company's first intern.
After the interview, when I think about my interview experience with more than a dozen companies, the most obvious feeling is impetuousness. Carrying interview interviews on the road every day, after losing defeat and immersed in the loss, did not seriously think about the summary, although holding the recording of the interview, they are still reciting the subject.
growing up
New companies need to conduct one-month induction training and be familiar with the company's framework and technical system.
Before, I only had some simple Linux commands, and the Ubuntu that the company assigned to the development made me very uncomfortable. It took me a whole day to install the environment and develop the software, scaring me to hurry up at night.
It's always exciting to be exposed to new things. It took me only two weeks to complete the training task. In addition to staying in my own study after work, I would like to thank the older employees for their guidance.
Whenever there is a problem, send a message while he is free, get up, make a seat, listen carefully, and finally thank you sincerely. Inviting him to dinner again at noon, although it does not necessarily allow you to pay, but this way often the relationship becomes harmonious.
My company's 965 system, although it is not compulsory to work overtime, in fact, most people will stay a little longer for assessment points except Friday.
Some schoolmates asked me what kind of company I choose not to work overtime. For most ordinary students like me, there is really no way to choose too much when I leave school, but I think as long as I can grow in my work worth it.
I have a large outsourcing classmate, 95.55 overtime billing on time, but on a few tasks a month, chatting and farting with colleagues all day long, after a few months of casual chat, he said that even the code will soon be knocked out.
There are also friends who started a startup company just after graduating. May, 996, maybe even a day off. I ca n’t wait to take the company as the head of the company, but he enjoys the project from scratch. Knowing and mastering more than we do not know.
I just entered the business department after the training, and I was catching up with the major version of the project. I did n’t even have anyone familiar with the project. Let me see it myself, and from time to time, I lost two corners of the interface document to find something Work.
I could have thought that it would be okay to just rest, but I still wanted to integrate into work as soon as possible. When I have no work at hand, I take the initiative to ask, if there is one group, ask the second group, if there is no group two, ask the development manager.
I was remembered by many colleagues after one or two visits. Later leaders took the initiative to let more people in the group take me, so I really invested in the development of the main branch of the project.
At the beginning, Jenkins warned every time the code was submitted, and the code that I wrote every week was optimized over and over again. It's embarrassing, but it's easier to remember. So combined with Checkstyle, he started to pay attention to his own code style. He also looked at the code of old employees and gradually developed the habit of code refactoring.
After getting familiar with my colleagues, I became guilty. How does Kibana play? How to achieve the planned tasks? How does Mongo sync data to ES? Whenever I meet someone I do n’t understand, I keep it in my notebook and ask when I have time.
Every time someone comes back after a new feature project meeting, I always raise my ears. The problem they complain about is often that technology is not easy to implement.
With an efficient and diligent attitude to doing things, I soon got the appreciation of leaders. Because of good communication and understanding, I have made a number of independent dockings on behalf of the company with many government agencies, communicating directly with customers, and docking with technical personnel in different fields. I also made a lot of friends.
Later, he represented the company in the Shanghai Big Data Center and worked with Ali and Wanda to connect with big data platforms to complete the development of Alipay applets.
What impressed me most was Ali's problem summary platform. Just input it like Baidu and see a large number of solutions. If you still can't meet the existing questions, then you just need to click on the manual to answer online.
Speaking of communication skills, I have to mention the exercise of the university community on me. Participation and planning of various activities of the community will make me outgoing and expressive; in the process of getting along with teachers and leaders, I will learn to treat others with etiquette and Skills, so the university community is worth trying without learning.
(Certificates and invitations to college graduation)
Learn from the project
At this time, I started to think about how I should grow up. At the beginning, I was learning to get in touch with some new technologies. Although Baidu was convenient, I only stayed at the level where I could use the gourd.
Later, I figured out a way to learn from the company's existing projects, learn mq and quartz from the data synchronization mechanism between projects; learn springsecurity from the control of system roles, permissions, and menus; learn large data queries from report development projects The application of optimization and elasticsearch, while gradually getting familiar with the system, also clarified the business logic.
In this way, with the understanding of the system and good interpersonal relationships, it took less than a year from entering the company in April to November. After the adjustment of the development team, I was promoted to the position of team leader.
The ever-changing new technologies and new ideas in the software industry require us to continuously charge in order not to be eliminated.
Everyone remembers the hardships along the way and only knows them, but the tribulations of this way have made us a good habit of self-discipline, and we persist in taking the time to learn and enrich ourselves every day.
Finally, I would like to thank Mr. Liu for his companionship on the public account. Telling knowledge in a story way is easy to understand, and it is also impressive. During the interview, it was the "Java Empire" that accompanied me through the most Hard days. I wish Teacher Liu's public account gets better and better, I hope more and more people will find this treasure number.
Postscript: Thanks to the "warmest words" for complimenting the codeholder for turning over the public account. The last paragraph he wrote made me feel a lot of emotion. My article can play such a role, it's worth it! Keep writing down in the future!
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